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Welcome to my website!

This site is made for gathering all the music that i have done and will do, including tunes from my band, some Synthpop songs from my electronic project, a handful of covers and other funny stuff.

Take some time to look around, and have a nice stay!


10/09 - 09

Recording of new cover initiated

After taking a long pause from my cover project, the recording of a new cover has begun. This time i'll do my own version of "Evil Eye", by the Swedish Melodic Metal band tAKiDA (check out their first album, Make You Breathe, great stuff). I've spent a couple of days programming the drums and the bass, and tomorrow i'll hopefully do all of the guitar recordings (if i'm lucky). As soon as i get a popscreen for my Shure SM57, i'll capture the vocals too. I usually work quite fast with the mixing and mastering as well, but you never know, you know...

If everything works out as planned though, you'll se a release within the furthest two weeks or so.
Bye for now. :)


26/06 - 09
New The Frustrating Chill Room song released!

A new song from my newly started Electronical project The Frustrating Chill Room was released today. Entitled "Euphoria", it has kind off a dance feeling to it. Check it out in the My videos section! :)